Where passion meets profession, that is where the magic happens. MH does not just stand for Music Holiday, it stands for much more. Under one brand, we have gathered only the best that music festivals can offer.

Brand MH Music Holiday was established with the small idea: to offer well educated music festival visitors the best festival experience possible. The idea started growing and with dedication, hard work and passion - there came also the results. 5 amazing music festivals, organised in pristine and unique environment in a small country in Europe - Slovenia are a guarantee for an unforgettable music festival experience. But we did not stop just there yet - with MH Shop, we are offering our dear visitors full ticket and merchandise sale.
As you have already figured out - MH Music Holiday is a single point experience to live music magic.

Welcome to your ultimate Music Holidays.

MetalDays Festival will present you a friendly and absolutely relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful surroundings in an unique and pristine nature, perfect for you to just forget about all worries and enjoy your most likely best holiday ever!
The Ultimate Blues, Rock & Motorcycle Experience. On a beautiful location named Sotočje, in the small city of Tolmin, where two emerald rivers Soča and Tolminka meet and continue their journey together, the blues magic happens. MotörCity is not just another ordinary festival; it offers amazing blues and rock musix, great party and of course lovely people, that share the passion towards motorcycles. Nearby country roads with an instant emerald river view and magical mountains all around offer an unforgettable motorcycle and music experience. 
Punk Rock Holiday
In just a couple of years, Punk Rock Holiday has become one of the most anticipating events in Europe to those who have once experienced a different meaning of a festival.

Winter Days of Metal
In a beautiful Slovenia, in lovely surroundings of Bohinj valley, just right under the arm of Slovenia's highest mountain Triglav, joined with breathtaking mystified Lake of Bohinj, quiet village of Bohinjska bistrica welcomes metalheads from all over the world. The skiing ground of Vogel Ski Resort offers our guests amazing skiing on natural snow, simply spectacular views and very well-maintained ski slopes in the winter. For those, who prefer some nice relaxing SPA in the winter, we are inviting you to Bohinj Aquapark, offering swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas and everything else that is needed for a relaxing stay.
Enjoy your Winter Metal Holiday.

Overjam Reggae Festival is an annual summer event, held at a beautiful Sotočje, Tolmin. Focused mostly on reggae, dub, and dancehall music with a regional and international artists and audience, offering an colorful and unforgettable event that our audience remembers.