Where passion meets profession, that is where the magic happens. MH does not just stand for Music Holiday, it stands for much more. Under one brand, we have gathered only the best that music festivals can offer. 

Brand MH Music Holiday was established with the small idea: to offer well educated music festival visitors the best festival experience possible. The idea started growing and with dedication, hard work and passion - there came also the results. Amazing music festivals, organised in pristine and unique environment in a small country in Europe - Slovenia are a guarantee for an unforgettable music festival experience. 
As we know sustainable is the only way forward, the company has an on-going commitment to minimise its environmental impact through actions carried out every day, so the festival experience is carried out in a most sustainable and ecological way. 
As you have already figured out - MH Music Holiday is a single point experience to live music magic.
Welcome to your ultimate Music Holidays.

Every year in July, 12.000 metalheads from over 70 different countries all over the world come to one place - MetalDays Festival. Located at beautiful Sotočje, Tolmin, Slovenia MetalDays Festival offers the best of both worlds: amazing and breathtaking surroundings of pristine nature, merged with the best artists and bands metal genre has to offer. Friendly and absolutely relaxed atmosphere, perfect for you to just forget about all worries and enjoy your most likely best holiday ever! You will never regret visiting us!

Bluesland - Slovenia International Blues Festival!

Exceptional Blues Experience!
Born from the roots of MotörCity festival, Bluesland festival will concentrate solely on genuine Blues music. Although MotörCity was great fun, we, promoters, learned that 90% of our visitors are passionate Blues lovers and were visiting MotörCity just for the Blues music, and are less interested in Rock & Motorcycles.
This was the major reason behind our decision, to rename MotörCity into Bluesland, with a broader focus on real Blues music, that will satisfy, attract and amaze even the most doubtful and experienced Blues enthusiasts.
At MotorCity we were able to host some amazing artists; Chris Thomas King, Hans Theessink, Terry Evans, Laurence Jones, Kris Barras, Popa Chubby, Matt Schofield…to name just a few.
Because we believe that great Blues music enthusiasts deserve only the best and so does the capital city of our beautiful, small country Slovenia, city of Ljubljana, we decided to stage Bluesland at most beautiful location there is; Bluesland will take place at the historical Ljubljana Castle, a medieval fortress, that was constructed in the 11th century and acquired its present outline with an almost complete overhaul in the 15th century. And what an outline that is; you will be able to experience and see majestic entrance to the castle complex, Open-Air Prison, Gunpowder Room, Erasmus Tower, Rock Hall, Penitentiary, Castle Chapel of St George, Hribar Hall and Armoury, Palatium,...and an amazing The Panoramic Tower that offers breathtaking view over the capital, surrounding hills and mountains. The festival will be held at The central Castle Courtyard, that is closed on all sides, covered with paving stones and full of dynamic architectural elements, which will provide a perfect scenery for Bluesland festival.
Welcome to Bluesland!

Winter Days of Metal
In a beautiful Slovenia, in lovely surroundings of Bohinj valley, just right under the arm of Slovenia's highest mountain Triglav, joined with breathtaking mystified Lake of Bohinj, quiet village of Bohinjska bistrica welcomes metalheads from all over the world. The skiing ground of Vogel Ski Resort offers our guests amazing skiing on natural snow, simply spectacular views and very well-maintained ski slopes in the winter. For those, who prefer some nice relaxing SPA in the winter, we are inviting you to Bohinj Aquapark, offering swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas and everything else that is needed for a relaxing stay.
Enjoy your Winter Metal Holidays.


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